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Vi er bekendt med Danske Regioners ”Fællesregionale principper for efteruddannelse og kompetenceudvikling af regionernes sundhedspersonale”.
Hvis du skal have tilladelse fra f.eks. din afdelingsleder til at deltage, beder vi dig venligst selv sikre dette.
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Aarhus Symposium on Lung Disorders

Fredag, 13 September 2019, 08:15 - 17:30

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A Danish and Italian joint venture

Pulmonology is a complex speciality that maintains the capacity to be beneficial for subjectsPulmonology is a complex speciality that maintains the capacity to be beneficial for subjectssuffering from pulmonary disorders, also thanks to a constant comparison betweendifferent experiences. The Department of Respiratory Diseases & Allergy, AarhusUniversity Hospital and the Associazione Italiana Pneumologi Ospedalieri (AIPO) wish toincrement this dialogue involving groups working in different countries in order to expand thepossibilities to generate new ideas and new practical approaches.The meeting on New frontiers in Pulmonology that will be held in Aarhus on 13th of September isinside this groove. In this meeting, we will discuss our experiences on lung infections, lungcancer, non- invasive ventilation, pulmonary thromboembolism and lung transplantation and theimpact these diseases have on patients. The organization of the management of these diseases atthe Pulmonary Departments in different Institutes will be presented and discussed. MichelangeloBuonarroti, famous mainly for his sculptures, once said: “the less ideas you have, the less youare willing to change them (meno idee si hanno e meno si è disposti a cambiarle)”.With the dialogue between different countries we wish to promote new ideas and thepossibility to change the daily practice in Pulmonology.

Venerino Poletti, Pernille Hauschildt


08.15 Welcome V. Poletti, P. Hauschildt, J. Frøkjær

1st session: Emerging Lung Infections

Chairpersons: A. Fløe, R. Scala

08.30-08.55 Atypical Mycobacterioses V. Poletti
08.55-09.20 Pulmonary Aspergillosis J. Davidsen
09.20-09.45 Empyema B. H. Folkersen
09.45-10.10 Antibiotic resistance- stewardship of antibiotic use
10.10-10.30 Mimickers of pulmonary infections A. Arcadu
10.30-11.00 Coffee Break

2nd session: New frontiers in pulmonology

Chairpersons: E. Bendstrup, P. Hauschildt

11.00-11.25 Non-invasive Mechanical Ventilation R. Scala
11.25-11.50 New frontiers in Pulmonary Thromboembolism- Phenotypes and treatment S. Mellemkjær
11.50-12.15 New frontiers in Lung Transplantation M. Perch
12.15-13 Clinical Grand Round S. Harders, L. Madsen, K. Degn, M. Jeppesen, S. Kronborg.-White
13.00-14.30 Lunch

3rd session: New Frontiers in Lung Pulmonology

Chairpersons: V. Poletti, H. J. Hoffmann

14.30-14.55 New frontiers in Lung Cancer Biology L. Madsen
14.55-15.20 New frontiers in Interventional Pulmonology- its role in lung canser diagnosis and staging T. R. Rasmussen
15.20-15.45 New frontiers in Lung Cancer Treatment M. Knap
15.45-16.10 New frontiers in Lung Cancer Surgery A. Højsgaard
16.10-16.30 - Coffee Break
16.30-17.15 Clinical Grand Round S. Harders, L. Madsen J.Møller, K. Boch
17.15-17.30 Closing Remarks V. Poletti


Sted : Aarhus Universitetshospital Auditorium J116-113, indgang J Palle Juul, Jensens Boulevard 99 8200 Aarhus N